Rose Grissell

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Today we’re chatting to P2P jockey Rose Grissell, who also works for the BHA as Head of Diversity! Known as Dib, she grew up in the racing world, surrounded by competitive family members! Working on the business side of racing alongside having over 100 rides pointing, you could say Dib is passionate about the sport!

🏇🏼What is your favourite aspect of pointing?

Win or lose, everyone gets together and enjoys a picnic party 🥳🍻

🏇🏼How did you get into pointing?

I didn’t have a choice, I’ve been going pointing since I was born! My sister and I spent most of our younger years annoying jockeys in the changing room while Mum rode.

🏇🏼How would you describe pointing to someone that hasn’t been before?

To people who don’t know anything about racing, I usually say it’s like a smaller, amateur, Grand National put up in a field for the day!

🏇🏼What’s your pointing highlight?

My first winner. I only say this because it annoys my sister Hannah so much. I cruised down the hill at Charing past her on the favourite. She claims it as her worst pointing moment!

🏇🏼If you could change one thing in pointing, what would it be?

More horses, more owners.

🏇🏼Where’s your favourite point-to-point & why? Charing. Great racing. Great viewing. Great beer tent.

🏇🏼What’s your pointing career aim?

To keep riding and having fun.

🏇🏼What’s your earliest pointing memory?

Earliest I remember is when Mum trained a 4 timer at Parham in 1996, one of which was my sister Coral’s first winner which I led up.

🏇🏼What’s your day job?

I am British Racing’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion. My role is to ensure that everyone feels welcome in racing and has an equal opportunity to be the best they can be. Racing can benefit hugely if it’s able to engage a wider, more diverse audience.

🏇🏼What’s your favourite aspect of working for the BHA?

Not having to sneak out of work anymore to go and watch racing!

🏇🏼Any hobbies outside of horses?!

Playing rugby. Is watching sport a hobby?!

Thank you so much Dib, it was great to catch up & relive some fun pointing memories! See you soon! #PPORA #GoPointing

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