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PPORA Awards Points 2023-24

Points are awarded to Owners, Riders and Horses in ANY PPORA Race. 

 1st – 4 points

 2nd – 3 points

 3rd – 2 points

 4th – 1 point


There is an award for the Owner and the Rider with the most points won from ANY PPORA Race. 


The Wilkinson Sword and Princess Royal trophies are for the Male and Female rider who have the most points but HAD NOT ridden a winner prior to the start of 2023-24 season. 


There is an award for the winning rider of the Championship Final race at Edgcote (click for eligibility details), NOVICE RIDERS who have finished in first 4 in any PPORA race qualify to ride in the race. 

There is a Jim Mahon Special Recognition Award decided by PPORA committee presented to someone deserving for their contribution to Point to Pointing. 

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