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Jack Andrews

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Meet one of the tallest, skinniest & most successful jockeys on the point-to-point circuit! Jack Andrews is a former national Men’s Champion jockey & has dedicated his life to pointing. Based at Tom & Gina Ellis Racing, Jack is also very hands on with producing young horses & stars of the future!

🏇What’s your favourite aspect of pointing?

The social side of it & having a laugh out the back of the cars after racing with everyone

🏇How did you get into pointing?

My family have always been heavily involved in pointing & I was carted to many meetings as a kid!

🏇How would you describe pointing to someone that’s never been before?

A fun day out with friends & family enjoying some quality racing in the countryside

🏇Pointing career highlight?

My 4 timer at Ampton last season!

🏇Pointing career aim?

To ride as many winners as possible & hopefully win another championship along the way, a Foxhunters would be nice too!

🏇Earliest pointing memory?

Montys Tag winning a John Corbett for Mum & Dad

🏇If you could change one thing in pointing what would it be?

I’d raise 4 year old weights so better riders would become available to ride them as 10.7 is too light. I’d also scrap novice riders races & give them a claim until they’ve ridden 10 winners.

🏇Favourite course?

Horseheath-I just think it’s the best track with some quality racing to go with it

Thanks Jack for catching up with us, hope you’re enjoying a few more wasting-free weeks! #PPORA #GoPointing

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