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Catching Up With Flo!

Hey guys! Well, it’s been a hectic few weeks, but some very exciting times ahead I hope! With work calming down and the Cheltenham festival looming everyone is preparing.

I started off this month by taking a trip down to Newmarket, to visit the Racing School which I’ve never been to before. I went to complete my two-day Cat A Amateur course, which I’m pleased to say I passed after some gruelling fitness and endurance testing! I’ve also been to a couple of hunt balls to spice things up a bit.

I went down to Newmarket on 15th February to begin my two-day course; I didn’t really know what to expect but everyone had told me I needed to be fit to complete it. They were right! The first day was good fun, learning about the rules, the ins-and-outs of racing and riding some fiery horses. The 2nd day was the testing day with assessments left, right and centre! I’m very excited to come away with my license and hopefully that leads to some fun times!

Another exciting development is that I might be able to get another pointing ride under my belt as well as Tango, who hopefully will be going hunter chasing in the not-so-distant future. I’m hoping to have a spin on my boyfriend’s horse Military Mischief. Hopefully this will add to my racing experience on a very different horse to Tango!

On a completely different subject, we’ve had some great hunt balls, with everyone getting glam for the Golden Button Ball which was a great night with the whole yard putting on their dancing shoes and coming together on the dance floor. To add to this, the week after I was kindly invited to the Royal Agricultural University’s hunt ball which was also great fun!

Pointing has been a bit steady for me this month as there has been nothing local at the start of the month and then a virus going through the yard which meant Tango had to take it easy for a little bit, however, he is now back to his old self and feeling feisty as ever, telling me he’s ready to go again. We just have to wait for the heads up from Venetia as she helps me find the right race for him. It should pick up soon with a possible new ride on Military Mischief and Tango back to his fighting ways!

All being well I’ll be back out on the track soon, looking through a new set of ears and also holding onto my fresh tank!

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