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Caroline Bailey New Chair for PPA

Updated: Feb 7

The Point-to-Point Owners and Riders Association [PPORA] is delight to welcome Caroline Bailey to the Point-to-Point Authority [PPA] Board from January 2024.

Caroline kindly shared some words ahead of starting her new role in the New Year.

"I am delighted to become Chair of the PPA from 1st January . Taking over from Andrew Merriam is no easy task as he been a huge influence, along with Peter Wright, in enabling point to pointing to continue to flourish during what have been very difficult times.

"I have gained a huge amount of knowledge during my years of involvement in the sport, having both ridden and trained point to pointers for many years and I would like to contribute to the sport which I am passionate about. I plan to travel around the country during the current season visiting point to points in all areas and will discuss any ideas put forward. I will also listen to any issues arising. I am well aware both horse and jockey numbers have been declining and this is something we need to try and change. Jake Exelby has already taken on some of this challenge and is aiming to encourage more owners to become involved, whether it be on their own or with friends or syndicates. I will be supporting him in this as without participants there will be no sport.

"We also need to give opportunities for all participants to be competitive in individual races and make sure it is fun for everyone who takes part. Point to pointing relies heavily on volunteers and we must continue to be very grateful for all the time and effort they put into the sport. My aim is to maintain the sport of point to pointing as a great opportunity for participants to progress, learn and enjoy. We need to continue to encourage people to come point to pointing and enjoy a wonderful day out in the countryside. I am looking forward to working with the board and developing the sport into the future."

For any further comments or queries please contact the committee via email;

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