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Rosie Howarth

This week we’re chatting to Rosie Howarth! Rosie was a novice rider at the start of this season but is now becoming one of pointing’s up & coming riders with 13 wins to her name, over 40 rides so far this season & leading the Novice Ladies’ Championship! Rosie has 2 horses at home which she owns, rides & trains as well as picking up outside rides for top trainers! All whilst milking cows!

🏇🏼How are you involved in pointing?

This season I am helping the Coward family & I also train & ride my own pointers too

🏇🏼What is your favourite aspect of pointing?

Winning, obviously!

🏇🏼How did you get into pointing?

I rode a pointer out for a local friend who then asked me to ride it in a race

🏇🏼What is your day job?

Riding horses & milking cows, I also have some sheep!

🏇🏼How would you describe pointing to someone that hasn’t been before?

Horses racing around a field jumping a few jumps with lots of friends & family having a great day out in the countryside

🏇🏼What’s your pointing highlight?

I trained and rode a double at Hexham last season which was fantastic!

🏇🏼If you could change one thing in pointing, what would it be?

More novice rider races in Yorkshire just this season because it’s my last year as a novice!

🏇🏼Where’s your favourite point-to-point & why?

Hutton Rugby; I’ve had good luck at the track riding a winner just before covid hit & then again just after we got back racing. And it’s always sunny!

🏇🏼Pointing career aim?

To be as good as Jacqueline Coward!

🏇🏼Earliest pointing memory?

Watching when I was young at Charm Park, my local track, always wanting to have a go

🏇🏼What do you think lies for the future of pointing? 

I think we need to seriously think about how we encourage young people to get involved with pointing & hunting.

🏇🏼What’s your favourite aspect of riding/training/owning pointers? 

I love the buzz of riding winners. It’s a great feeling when you’ve trained a winner especially when the horse has issues or is quirky.

🏇🏼Any hobbies outside of horses?

No hobbies other than horses, I don’t have time!

Great to catch up Rosie & best of luck for the Novices’ title! #PPORA

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