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PPORA Survey Report


The PPORA launched a survey in December 2023 designed to get a better understanding of our members, who they are and what they need from their membership. The survey was communicated via email to our 2023-24 registered members, and lifetime members database (707 contact emails), it has also been shared via the Community What’sApp group. We have received 119 responses to date and will continue to circulate to members who join through the season, therefore will review the results again at the end of the season (June). 

We understand from the results that the survey was more relevant to active participants in Point to Pointing and does not adequately provide options for Lifetime Members who are now supporters and spectators. We appreciate those who took the time to use the final response box to write their thoughts and feedback.

Key Results 

  1. Participants were mainly owners/ riders and lifetime members who now fall into spectator/ supporter categories. The survey doesn’t provide adequate options to bypass questions that are not relevant. Therefore some questions need to be cross referenced in connection with others. 

  2. We are delighted with the spread of responses across the country and the variety of participants involved in pointing. 73% own pointers, 37% ride, and 42% also train their own pointer. Therefore the PPORA need to consider formally representing keepers/ trainers views. 

  3. With the cost of living and participation in Point to Pointing always rising, we’re conscious to get a gauge on membership cost. We’re delighted with the positive response from 91% members.

  4. There is a conflicting result with only 49% of responders running or riding in a PPORA race, yet an overwhelming 70% want more PPORA races in future. This could be due to non-owners, riders, keepers being able to skip the question regarding having competed in a PPORA race in 2023-24. 

  5. There is a lack of awareness of PPORA Area Representatives and lack of communication with them, 56% don’t know their local rep and 66% have never spoken to them. This is a key priority for us to tackle. 

  6. We asked about a variety of topics that members would like to discuss, all of which had some level of interest and therefore we will work to provide more information on all key topics in order of priority. Those with the highest level of interest; fixture list issues (32%) Conditions races (34%) Rule & Regulations (29%) Finances (14%) ownership experience (13%) sponsorship (10%).

  7. The Annual Forum currently doesn’t provide the platform for discussion members would like with 62% having not attended. We will address the timings and format to encourage better attendance and engagement with members. 

  8. Members require more consistent and regular communications with a preference for email and WhatsApp being the preferred method of communication. 

  9. Brand discount codes have not been used (84%) which can be attributed to lack of communication regarding these. We proposed a variety of brands that could be useful and we will secure more discounts that provide added value to our members. They provide more value to riders, owner/trainers but less relevant to owners who employ keepers or lifetime members who are no longer involved in horse ownership, training or riding. 

  10. The PPORA proposed a mentoring program for members, 35% would like to use this service, which accounts for a large proportion of riders who completed the survey. We will focus the mentoring program around topics for riders and owner/rider/trainers. 

Conclusion and recommendations 

In conclusion, we are pleased with the response but recognise this is the start of a long process to provide a better service to our members. We will continue to circulate the survey and review responses but there is plenty we can implement in the short term that we hope will be appreciated by our members. 

Two way communication is key for the PPORA to be able to correctly and robustly advocate the views of our members at PPA board level. We also have a duty to our members to lead on matters relating to riders and owners which also largely includes keepers. 

When looking at the big picture of the purpose of the PPORA we want to prioritise our focus for each segment of our members. 

  • Owners - promotion of ownership opportunities, horse eligibility, the raceday experience

  • Riders - health & fitness, safety, nurture talent as the pathway for progressing a career as a jockey

  • Keepers - promote best practices, equine welfare, access to the sport (jockeys, facilities, owners, staff) 

Short term actions

  • The cost of our membership will remain the same in 2024-25 season. 

  • We will be issuing quarterly newsletters, but this is something we would like to increase to monthly during the season of 2024-25

  • We have created a PPORA Community What’sApp group that will become more active with announcements and communications as we progress with some of the key initiatives

  • We will provide more clarity on Area Representatives and their attendance at the races each weekend for those wanted to connect face-to-face

  • We will be reviewing the PPORA races and work with the PPA and PPSA to look into how we can offer more races with more of a structured series.

  • We will start to develop a mentoring program with the view of providing more information and help to those who would like it. We will look to trial this is 2023-24 with a view to rolling it out more formally in 2024-25. 

  • The Annual Forum will be held at Stratford Racecourse on Saturday 1st June, time to be confirmed prior to racing on the Hunter Chase Evening. There will not be a PPORA lunch at the races, and the awards that were previously held at the lunch will be moved to the PPA National Awards. Some awards will be moved to Area specific awards evening with the presentation taking place in the area which the winner is based.

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