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Izzie Marshall

Today we’re talking to former National Novice Champion Jockey & two-time National Lady Jockey runner-up Izzie Marshall! Having graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Business earlier this year, securing a spot on a prestigious graduate scheme working in racing & working full-time at Alan & Lawney Hill racing, it's easy to say Izzie doesn't know what it means to "put your feet up", but she wouldn't have it any other way! Here's what she had to say...

🏇 What’s your favourite aspect of pointing?

Win, lose or draw, you're surrounded by enthusiasts and friends. The chatting over a drink after racing is my favourite part.

🏇 How did you get into pointing?

I've always loved horses, hunting, pony club, eventing and then shetland grand nationals and pony racing. It seemed inevitable I would end up having a go at point-to-pointing following in my older brother's footsteps.

🏇 How would you describe pointing to someone that has never been before?

A field filled with friends, family, enthusiasts and more, who are all brought together to watch and compete in exciting racing with a drink in hand and big picnics in tow!

🏇What’s your pointing career highlight?

My championship achievements are probably my career highlights, but recently Wadebridge PTP with a notable double on Back Bar and Getting Closer was a brilliant day winning 2 competitive races back to back!

🏇Pointing career aim?

I would absolutely love to win the National Ladies Championship and a Hunter Chase at Cheltenham.

🏇Earliest pointing memory?

Head to toe covered in mud at our local meeting, Catsfield PTP, with my brothers in our waterproofs celebrating after our Dad won the 2004 East Sussex & Romney Marsh Hunt Members Race in the lorry park.

🏇What do you think lies ahead for the future of pointing?

Hopefully British point-to-pointing can become increasingly respected as a source for young talented National Hunt horses, with the likes of Energumene and Ahoy Senor really doing well at Grade 1 level. I think we will see more live-streaming and increased accessibility for new riders, owners, trainers and picnickers!

🏇If you could change one thing in pointing what would it be?

A few more Friday evening meetings on the spring side of the season would be great, as it gives more opportunities for fixtures on one weekend. I would also introduce races based on a horse’s rating, e.g. only for horses rated 0-100. They’d run on level weights, not handicaps, but they would just give the horses that aren’t quite open quality more of a chance to compete against similar calibre horses.

🏇What's your day job?

Through being on the BHA Graduate Programme, I work for the Racecourse Association as a Racing Executive Assistant. I’m really enjoying being exposed to this side of the industry and I’m meeting some brilliant people. The RCA allow me to ride out 2 mornings a week, so I am in riding out at Alan and Lawney Hill's for 6 lots on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and I normally ride 2 lots before work on the other days - I like to keep busy!

🏇Any hobbies outside of racing?

Most of my life is filled with horses and dogs! I love to go hunting and team chasing on my horse Frampton when I can!

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