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Rider Sponsorship 2018 – 2019

Photo Courtesy & Copyright Athwenna Irons Photography

Photo Courtesy and Copyright Athwenna Irons


You can find the links to information and forms that you need to take part in the  2018 – 2019 Rider Sponsorship Scheme


Six Simple Steps  – an overview of how to agree and register your sponsorship for the coming season

Sponsorship Scheme Rules  – please note this will be updated once 2018 – 2019 regs are released

Sponsorship Registration Form – this is the form you use to register your sponsorship arrangements with the PPA

Sponsorship Agreement – this is the agreement you and your sponsor need to complete, sign and return to the PPA

Order Form – you can use this form to order kit using RSS funds – but you can also order direct from the suppliers listed on Six Simple Steps and the Order Form – if you order direct you will need to explain that you want to pay using RSS funds.  

Please remember that if the total cost of your order exceeds the value of funds in your RSS account you are responsible for the additional payment and will be required to pay the difference BEFORE you receive your items.

You can also use RSS Funds to pay for your RQC and the cost of a Medical ((refer to Sponsorship Scheme Rules for info)

Unfortunately you cannot use RSS funds to pay your PPORA Rider Membership