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Rider Eligibility for 2019 – 2020 PPORA Races

Riders:  Provisional Information – this will be confirmed ahead of the 2019 – 2020 Season

If you are planning to ride in  a PPORA Club Members’ Conditions Race it’s important to be aware of the Rider Race Condition that applies.  Race results are checked to ensure that all riders in PPORA Races, regardless of finishing position were eligible members of the PPORA.   To help ensure no-one is inadvertently caught out we have put together some FAQs to help owners, keepers, and riders understand what needs to be done and the deadlines for meeting the Race Conditions.

1) Am I eligible to ride in a PPORA Race?

To be eligible to enter  your horse in a PPORA Race during the 2019 – 2020  Season you must hold one of the following memberships:

2) What are the  Membership Deadlines ahead of riding in a PPORA Race?

The DEADLINE for riders to become a member of the PPORA is before declaration of the horse. Riders can satisfy this requirement in the following ways:

3) I am a first season rider what do I need to do to be eligible to ride in PPORA races?

You can get free PPORA membership by ticking the PPORA  membership box on your RQC form – your membership will be valid from the date your RQC is issued

If you forgot to tick the box please email membership@ppora.co.uk and we will create the free membership for you – please note that your membership is not active and you are not eligible to ride in PPORA races until you have received a confirmation email from us.

4) I already have Owner Membership do I also need to buy a Rider Membership to ride in a PPORA Race?

No PPORA Owner Members are automatically eligible to ride in a PPORA Race.

5) I purchased a membership  less than 12 months ago, midway through the 2018 – 2019 Membership Season doesn’t that mean I am still eligible to ride?

Unfortunately not, the PPORA Membership Year runs from October 1st to September 30th of the following year.  All 2018 – 2019 memberships expired on September 30th 2019.

6)  I have picked up a spare ride “on the day” but I am not a PPORA member – what should I do?

Provided the horse has not yet been declared to run there is still time to join.  You will need to do this at www.ppora.co.uk > Join Us

This is of course dependant on internet access / phone reception and system availability.  The inability to connect to the PPORA website or purchase a membership unfortunately cannot be accepted as a reason for riding when not a member of the PPORA.

7)  I have been offered a ride after the horse has been declared because the originally declared rider is now unable to take the ride, but I am not a member of the PPORA –  what should I do?

Unfortunately you are not eligible to ride in the race as the deadline for membership has passed.  If you ride in the race it will be a breach of Race Conditions and subject to BHA Disciplinary Procedures.

8) Can I buy a membership from organisers / stewards on the day?

No, unfortunately not, memberships can only be purchased in the ways explained in Question 2.

9) I have lost / not yet received my PPORA membership card – do I need to show it on race day?

No, you won’t be asked to show proof of membership on the day.  However, all riders, regardless of finishing position are checked from race results and possible breaches are investigated by the BHA.

10) How do I know that the horse I am going to ride is eligible to run in a PPORA Race?

Owner/horse eligibility is checked at close of entries, ineligible horses will have been removed from entries lists.

11) What happens if I don’t satisfy the Rider Eligibility Race Condition?

If the Race Condition relating to Rider Membership is not satisfied then BHA will complete an investigation.  Unfortunately, a small number of these breaches occurred during the 2018 – 2019 Season – penalties imposed included rider fines of £100 and horse disqualification.

More questions?

If you are still unsure, or have any questions that we have not answered, please contact us by emailing membership@ppora.co.uk and we will be pleased to help

You can also read more about race eligibility in Who We Are And What We Do which you can open by clicking here.