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PPORC P2P @ Barbury Racecourse – photographers and press information

The PPORA and PPORC welcome media coverage of our event, to ensure everything runs smoothly please note the following information

Complimentary admission to the meeting will be by National Pass, Area Pass or by prior arrangement (including confirmation from the relevant editor) – if you are a member of the media planning to attend please contact us using the details below.

Contact:  tessa.jenkins@ppora.co.uk

Photographers & Videographers Please Note The Following Information

Please note that we have the following official photographers and videographer covering our meeting:

John Beasley

Phil Britt

Westcountry Videos

Access to the Paddock and Unsaddling Enclosure is restricted to the photographers and videographer listed above

Other photographers and videographers are welcome on other public areas of the racecourse, this explicitly excludes the weighing room, jockeys’ changing areas, the course/racing surface (including any run throughs) and must stay behind the running rail where it is in place. Remote cameras must not be used by anyone other than the official photographers.

Photographers and videographers must also comply with any additional requests or instructions from officials on the day.

The use of flash photography is strictly forbidden (with the exception of the official photographers during presentations)