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PPORA Race Eligibility Reminder – Planning to enter or ride in a PPORA Race? – Owners – Keepers – Riders

Are you planning to enter or ride in a PPORA Race (including the PPORA Dodson & Horrell PPORA Novice Riders’ Series)?

Please remember that PPORA Membership is a Race Condition for these races – please see below for details

Please also note that the deadlines for completing membership form part of the Race Conditions and we are therefore unable to extend these timelines

If you have joined the PPORA via a Hunter Cert or RQC please refer to the following post regarding Membership Processing Times – and if you are in any doubt regarding your membership status please call the office on 01267 232105 during office hours and ahead of the the Membership Deadlines indicated below 

Owners: you must be a 2017 -2018 / 2017 -2020 Owner Member OR 2017 – 2018 Rider Member OR Life/Honorary Member of the PPORA by 1pm on the Wednesday following the close of entries (unless otherwise specified in the Race Conditions which can be found in The Planner)

If you are part of a syndicate / group / or other co-ownership arrangement please check our FAQS to see how these requirements apply to you and your horse

We also suggest that you check with your intended jockey to ensure that they are aware of the rider eligibility requirements shown below:


Riders: to ride in a PPORA race you must be 2017 -2018 / 2017 -2020 Owner Member OR 2017 – 2018 Rider Member OR Life/Honorary Member of the PPORA by the time of declaration.

You can join on line by clicking here Join the PPORA or  by ticking the PPORA Annual Membership Box on your RQC

Please note the following information if joining when you submit your RQC:


We strongly recommend you complete your membership ahead of raceday – we do not have facilities to process memberships on the course on the day


Keepersif you are the Keeper of a horse entered in a PPORA Race to avoid any potential eligibility issues you may wish to check that the owner and rider are aware of the Race Conditions for PPORA Races  – this is especially important if you make entries on your owner’s behalf


Regrettably if these eligibility requirements are not satisfied your horse will not be eligible to run / you will not be eligible to ride

Please also note we are required to complete post-race owner & rider eligibility checks on all runners in PPORA Races, & to report breaches of the conditions to the BHA


You can find more information in The Planner and in our Frequently Asked Questions please click here to see these

If you have any queries, or in any doubt regarding your PPORA please contact the PPORA Office on 01267 232105 or by email membership@ppora.co.uk  please note that our J March Opening Hours are:

Monday 9 – 5

Tuesday 9 – 1

Wednesday 10 – 2

Friday 9 – 1

An answerphone is in place outside these hours.

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