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PPA Updates: Max weights, penalties, weight for age scale, chifney, authority to act, body protectors and skull caps

The following information was announced in the September PPA newsletter:

Maximum permitted overweight implemented in point-to-points

In the past, the Point-to-Point Regulations have not outlined a maximum amount over which a rider can declare over weight.  For the 2018-19 season, no Rider may weigh out if they will be carrying 14lbs or more overweight and no horse shall carry more than 13 stone.

Penalties 2018/19 season

Click here to see the penalties which will be applied for 2018/19:


Weight for age scale for five-year olds

Some participants have raised concerns regarding the Weight for Age scale and suggested that 5-year-Old horses are at a disadvantage against 4-Year-Old horses.  For the 2018-19 season between January and June 4-Year-Olds will receive 21lbs, 18lbs & 14lbs from 6-Year-Olds.  This means that 4-Year-Olds will consistently receive 14 lbs from 5-Year-Olds and will ensure that where 5-Year-Old horses improve and receive less weight from 6-Year-Olds as the season progresses; the 4-Year-Old weight allowance will remain consistent rather than increase against 5-Year-Olds.


Please be aware, for the 2018-19 season owners or their authorised representatives must ensure all horses (including companions and ponies) are fitted with a bridle or headcollar fitted with a chifney.  In addition, an individual may lead only one horse at any time.

Authority to Act

When signing the Hunters’ Certificate, an Owner is agreeing their responsibility to ensure that the person who declares a horse on their behalf is aware of their responsibilities.  The overarching agreement by the owner justifies the removal of the requirement of an individual to provide evidence of authority to act at each declaration of a given horse on a race day.

Safety Vests – A Reminder

A reminder that “Level 2” safety vests must be worn in all Point-to-Points, replacing the existing Level 1 safety vests.  The Level 2 vest offers superior protection of up to 50% to the Level 1 vest against direct blows such as kicks.  There will be an extra 1lbs allowance at scales, bringing the allowance for safety equipment to 3lbs. This does not impact on any other weight allowances.  We are aware that some jockeys have already obtained the new vests.  For those yet to do so, you can find more info on purchasing body protectors from the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA):


Skull Caps

In previous seasons riders skull caps have been checked at the first fixture in a particular area.  For the 2018-19 season each point-to-point area will nominate a fixture during the season to arrange for all skull caps to be checked.


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