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Dean Summersby

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Today we’re talking to Dean Summersby! Dean & Emma train their string of point to pointers on the Devon/Cornwall border alongside running a successful quail & duck egg business! With fast approaching a century of winners & a healthy strike rate in excess of 20%, Dean has shared his thoughts & aspirations on the sport!

🏇🏼What is your favourite aspect of pointing?

Obviously having a winner is my favourite part!

🏇🏼How did you get into pointing?

Through hunting!

🏇🏼How would you describe pointing to someone that hasn’t been before?

An amateur sport for horse racing enthusiasts that is a fun, friendly day out. Usually held on farmland by kind permission of the landowner.

🏇🏼What’s your pointing highlight?

Winning the National 7 Horse & Under Title in 2017

🏇🏼If you could change one thing in pointing, what would it be?

Penalties. They seem to be making races for bad horses. We all have bad ones from time to time but they are penalising good ones so they cant realistically run. We need good horses to run, to keep it safe and interesting, this is especially true in novice riders races.

🏇🏼Where’s your favourite point-to-point & why?

I probably have 3 courses, Buckfastleigh, Upcott Cross and Trebuddannon. We have had some great days at all 3 but Trebuddannon is probably top as we've had 2 trebles there. They are good horse tracks, proper racecourses.

🏇🏼What’s your pointing career aim?

I would love to get a horse to the Foxhunters with a realistic chance. Honestly, I want to win it.

🏇🏼What’s your earliest pointing memory?

I can't remember my earliest memory, getting too old! My best memory is my first ridden winner at Upcott.

Thanks to Dean for sharing his views on pointing! Looking forward to seeing you all out & about at the end of THIS month for the first pointing meeting! #PPORA #GoPointing

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