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“… of the Month” and “of the Season” Award

In 2018 – 2019 we brought you monthly news of grassroots achievements from around the Areas, along with stories that showcased the huge diversity of our sport.   Our aim with these awards is to look beyond number of winners on the board and to celebrate achievements in the widest  sense.

Last season’s winners came from far and wide, and with monthly announcements eagerly anticipated each winner’s  achievements proved hugely popular.  We like to think these awards go beneath the surface and showcase the diversity of our sport.

 We’d also like our members’ help in choosing our winners throughout the Season, read on for details of how to get involved.

This season there will be <number of awards tbc>  “… of the month” awards – with an overall “… of the Season winner” being chosen from amongst the award winner in each of the monthly categories

“…of the month” winners  will be announced for <enter months or which awards will be made here > , and the   “… of the Season” winner from within each group will be announced <tbc>

<insert list of categories with a hyperlink to the individual page explaining each award here e.g. Owner-Trainer, Jockey, Mare> 

To find out more about each award, and be the first to know about each   winner in 2019 – 2020, click on the individual awards listed below:

<insert list of these awards with hyperlinks to the individual awards pages here>

Get Involved! Send us your nominations

We want these awards  to be spread far and wide across the Areas and to achieve this we need your help in finding the most noteworthy achievements and interesting stories each month.

To make a nomination please send  an email to membership@ppora.co.uk 

Your email should include:

  • Name of the award e.g. “Owner Trainer of the Month” in the subject line
  • Your Name and PPORA Membership Number (if known)
  • The name of the person/horse you wish to nominate and the area in which they are based (if known)
  • A summary (no more of 200 words) telling us about your nomination,  their achievements in the preceding month and why you believe they would be a worthy winner of the award.

Competition for these awards is intense – so the more information and detail you include the better the chance for your nomination!

Nomination Deadlines Are: 

<insert the nomination deadline for each award here>

<describe prizes here>