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“… of the Month” and “of the Season” Award

In 2017 – 2018 we brought you monthly news of grassroots achievements from around the Areas with stories that showcased the huge diversity of our sport – our aim is to spotlight achievements the widest possible sense and not just to  focus on total numbers of winners on the board.

Winners came from far and wide with the North, North West,  Devon and Cornwall, Wessex, South Wales and Monmouthshire, Midlands, South Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire, South East and East Anglia supplying winners over the course of the Season.  These winners and the stories linked to their achievements proved hugely popular, with each month’s announcements eagerly anticipated.

This season there will be 3 “… of the month” awards – with an overall “… of the Season winner” being chosen from each of the categories shown below:

Owner – Trainer of the Month

Jockey of the Month 

Mare of the Month

“… of the month” winners  will be announced for November – December*, January, February, March and April, and the   “… of the Season” winner from within each group will be announced at the 2019 PPORA Grassroots Awards Lunch at Stratford on Friday 31st May

*  excludes Hunter Chase Highlight

You can read more about each award, revisit last Season’s winners, and be the first to know about each winner in 2018 – 2019 by clicking on the name of each award.  We’d also like our members’ help in choosing our winners throughout the Season


Get Involved! Send us your nominations

These awards are a great opportunity to showcase the diversity of people and achievements in our sport.  In 2017 – 2018 we heard stories that we inspiring and moving and we know the coming Season will produce many more. We want these awards  to be spread far and wide and would like our members to help us find the most noteworthy achievements and interesting stories each month.

To make a nomination please send  an email to membership@ppora.co.uk 

Your email should include:

  • Name of the award e.g. “Owner Trainer of the Month” in the subject line
  • Your Name and PPORA Membership Number (if known)
  • The name of the person/horse you wish to nominate and the area in which they are based (if known)
  • A summary (no more of 200 words) telling us about your nomination,  their achievements in the preceding month and why you believe they would be a worthy winner of the award.

Competition for these awards is intense – so the more information and detail you include the better the chance for your nomination!

Nomination Deadlines Are: 

November / December (combined) –  5pm Monday January 1st

January – 5pm Monday February 4th

February – 5pm Monday March 4th

March –  5pm Monday April 1st

April / May – 5pm Monday 13th May

There will be monthly prizes,  and the “… of the Season” winners will be invited to join us at the 2019 PPORA Grassroots Awards Lunch, at Stratford Racecourse on Friday 31st of May,  where they will receive and award as a memento of their achievements