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Mark Bradburne course walk – free for ALL novice riders @ PPORC P2P Nov 26th

BHA Jockey Coach , and Cheltenham Winning Jockey Mark Bradburne will be leading a novice riders’ course walk before racing at Barbury Racecourse on November 26th

… why join a novice riders’ course walk … it’s a great chance to get guidance and insight from an experienced jockey and qualified coach. Mark is helpful and friendly and will make it easy for you to ask any questions you might have … we think you’ll find it helpful and fun

This is the first PPA /PPORA Course Walk of the season.  For anyone riding in the Dodson & Horrell PPORA Club Members Novice Riders Race it’s a great opportunity to walk the course you will ride under the guidance of an experienced jockey, and to deal with any last minute nerves or questions – Mark’s help might make a wining difference

If you are not riding in the novice riders’ race you are still very welcome to join  – it will be great preparation for the season ahead

… what should you expect … course walks are relaxed and informal – it’s not a lecture or a test, it is an opportunity to learn a to ask as many questions as you like – them more you put into this the bigger the benefit.  Plus it’s a chance to get to know some of your fellow novice riders for the season …

…  what’s covered on the walk … the course walk will typically include

and there’s plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you might have

… how much does it cost … the Point to Point Authority and Point to Point Owners and Riders Association have teamed up to offer the Barbury Course Walk for FREE to ALL 2017 – 2018 Novice Riders.

… do I have to have an RQC to join the walk.. no, as it’s early season there’s no need to have already registered your RQQ to join Mark on the walk

… do I have to be a PPORA Rider Member to join the walk … no as it’s the first walk of the season we want to make this a free opportunity for all this season’s novice riders.  

We really hope you will join us and ride in some PPORA races this season. Remember if you are a first season novice rider you’ll be eligible for FREE PPORA membership when you register your RQC, if you are not a first season rider you can join by clicking here 

Please remember you will need to be a PPORA member by declaration to ride in a PPORA Race

… how do I sign up to join the course walk  … it’s easy click here to book your place,  send us an email to membership@ppora.co.uk or call Maria on 01267 232105 – places are limited so we encourage you to pre-book, subject to places remaining available you may also be able to sign up on the day

…arrangements on the day … the course walk will start at 10.30 and the assembly point will be in front of the Secretary’s Tent

… questions … call or email Maria using the contact details above …