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Important Information Regarding Copyright

All content on our website, social media channels and in our newsletters is copyright of the associated author, photographer or videographer.

This means that it cannot be reproduced/copied and used, including on personal/organisational websites or social media, without the permission of the copyright owner who may charge a fee for use.  

The PPORA are very grateful to all of the photographers, videographers and authors  who have  have kindly provided images and content for use on our website, social media and newsletters.  Without their contributions, all of these would be much less interesting and much less representative of our national sport.

Please help us to maintain their support, and respect their  legal ownership of the materials generously supplied, by not reproducing photos, videos or text that we use unless you have the permission of the copyright holder. 

We don’t believe the majority of people intend to disregard the law but we do often hear misunderstandings, so to help keep us all on track we’ve put together some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, these are intended as guidance and based on our understanding – please don’t rely on them as “legal opinion” because they are no,  and  if you are in any doubt about copying/reproducing/using an image or other materials it’s always best to ask the photographer / videographer / author first.  


“We respect and  observe copyright law, and do not use images, video or other content without the owner’s consent. This applies to our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and our e-newsletter.  If we don’t have permission to use an image in a certain way then it’s simple we don’t use it.”

“No – unless you have permission of the copyright owner then you cannot use the image”

“No the same principles apply  to making prints as to using images in other ways, if you don’t have permission you shouldn’t do it”  

“No, the presence, or absence, of a  copyright mark does not affect copyright”

“No, buying a photo does not give you the right to make further copies or to add that image to a website or to social media – if you want to use an image in that way you should contact the photographer to obtain permission”

“Yes, it’s the law and there a variety of steps copyright owners can take to enforce their rights, they may contact you asking you to remove the image/content, they may invoice you for its use, or may even pursue the matter through the civil courts”

“Here’s a good place to start https://www.gov.uk/copyright you can also contact the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Information Centre direct using the details below”

Intellectual Property Office:

phone: 0300 300 2000


We would like to thank all of the following people for their support of the PPORA:

Our aim is to use images and content that are representative of Pointing from around the country.  If  you are a photographer who would be prepared to donate images for use on our website, social media and newsletters please contact tessa.jenkins@ppora.co.uk