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2019 – 2020 PPORA National Novice Riders’ Championship – Points Series

Top 3 scorers in the 2019 Harley Racing National Novice Riders Chapionship. Winner Jack Tudor (l), runner up Luca Morgan (2nd left) and third Liam Harrison (right) with sponsor Tracey Habgood from Harley Racing                                                                                                       Image courtesy & copyright Phil Britt

The PPORA National Novice Riders Championship is a popular points based contest open to ALL 2019 – 2020  Novice Riders including those who have ridden one or more winners prior to the start of the season.

This contest offers prizes for the top 3 point scorers <add details of prizes here>.  Points can be scored in all races for novice riders, and PPORA members can score bonus points in PPORA novice rider races.  For full details of eligibility and how points are allocated please see below.

Leading Riders as at <date>

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Eligibility and Scoring

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Sponsored by

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