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Do you need to complete a Rider Assessment to obtain your 2019 – 2020 RQC?

The answer is YES if

You are a First Season Rider


Have not ridden in a Point to Point or hurdle/steeplechase Under Rules since December 1st 2014

and unless one of the following exemptions applies:

  1. You have a Category A (Dual or Jump) or Category B Permit


  1. You have successfully completed a Point-to-Point training day at the British Racing School or the Northern Racing College.  Training days are currently scheduled at The British Racing School in Newmarket on 15th November and 13th December 2018 (click here for details) and at The Northern Racing College on 25th October 2018  (click here for details)

The assessment scheme is managed by the Point to Point Authority (PPA) and they have produced an information sheet that you can see by clicking here

You can find a list of Jockey Coaches able to conduct the assessments by clicking here  

For more information you can contact the PPA:  info@p2pa.co.uk / 01793 781990