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2019 – 2020 Hunter Cert Registration – your questions answered

Centralised Hunter Cert Collection continues this Season  … your questions answered 

2019 – 2020 is the second Season of a three year trial period of the centralised collection of Hunter Cert Fees.

During this three year period Hunter Cert payments will be centrally made to Weatherbys, who will process payment on behalf of the MFHA, instead of direct to individual hunts.

The changes have been a hot topic amongst many of members, and with input from the MFHA we have put together answers to the most frequently asked questions

If you have any queries about Centralised Hunter Cert Collection, or experience issues with the new procedure, please contact the MFHA:    info@huntingoffice.org.uk

1) How much will a Hunter Cert cost this season?The total cost of a Hunter Cert will be £271.20This includes a £160 charge for the Hunter Cert (payable to the Hunt you nominate)

2) Can I still nominate a Hunt on the Hunter Cert?Yes

3) How much will the Hunt receive?The Hunt you nominate will receive £160.

4) What happens to the remainder of the total payment?As in previous years this amount covers the cost of owners’ race day liability insurance and administration costs.Information will be sent with  confirmation of your Hunter  Cert registration and all owners are advised that they should satisfy themselves of the adequacy of the cover provided.

5) Where can I find details of the owner liability insurance that is included with the Hunter Cert?Information will be sent with your Hunter Cert Registration Letter – for more information Please contact the Point to Point Authority

6) How will the Hunts receive their payment …  and how much will Weatherbys charge for payment processing?Payments will be transferred from Weatherbys to the Hunting Office who will make the payments to the individual hunts Weatherbys will make no charge for processing these payments during the agreed 3 year trial period

7) How many days hunting is included in the cost of the the cost of the Hunter Cert?By default none,  the Hunter Cert is registration of the named horse to run in Point to Points and it does not include a subscription for hunting.However, individual hunts may choose to offer a number of days hunting to to those registering a Hunter Cert with them.  Also some Hunts may require horses to appear out hunting (where safe to do so) on a specified number of days in order to be eligible for the Hunt Members’ Race.This will be agreed at a local level so please speak directly to your Hunt

8) Can I register more than one Hunter Certificate?Yes – full payment will be required for each.  Please contact Weatherbys for more information 01933 440077

9) How do I complete and register my 2018 – 2019 Hunter Certificate?The process is the same as in previous years.Your Hunter Cert must be signed by the Authorised Signatory at your chosen Hunt and then forwarded to Weatherbys for registration.  Click here for a list of authorised signatoriesClick here for the 2018 – 2019 Hunter Cert FormDeadlines for Hunter Cert registration are specified on the meeting pages within The Planner10) Who made this change?The MFHA.  The Senior Master and/or Chair of 189 Hunts were notified of the proposals and encouraged to seek opinion from their Hunt and Point to Point Committee before returning a survey indicating whether or not they supported the changes.108 Hunts returned the the survey, and of these 74 Hunts supported, and 34 were against the changes.This was followed by a meeting of the MFHA Point to Point Committeewhere the responses were considered and the decision was taken to proceed with the proposed changes in the 2018 – 2019 Season Click here for the 2019 – 2020 Hunter Cert