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2018 – 2019 Jockey of the Month Awards

2018 – 2019 Jockey of the Season: Sam Jukes

2019 PPORA Jockey of the Season Sam Jukes
Image courtesy & copyright Phil Britt

2018 – 2019 was another good season for Sam, our January Jockey of the Month.  Sam won his “of the month” award for his eye-catching ride on Miss Seagreen at Larkhill in January, completing  riding-trains double on the day.

However, Sam’s highlight of the season undoubtedly came at the  Cheltenham Hunter Chase Evening in May.  Here he partnered Marcle Ridge to trailblazing success, and  fulfilled a long-held ambition of a Cheltenham winner for owner-breeder Clive Bennett.

A former Conditional jockey who pointed out that Pointing offers great opportunities for those whose professional race riding ambitions don’t come to fruition, Sam’s enthusiasm for Pointing is infectious and he is a great ambassador for the sport.

About these awards

These awards are a great opportunity to find out more about the riders who make our sport so exciting to watch.  In the course of every season we see riders ranging from the true Corinthians who swop week day desk jobs for saddles at weekends to  ambitious newcomers with dreams of professional riding career.

This variety was reflected in our 2018 – 2019 Season winners who included newcomers, weekend “hobby jockeys”,  owner riders, a former conditional Jockey, and a former Pony Racer, and two  riders hoping to progress to professional ranks.

As the season unfolds you will find out who wins our 2019 – 2020 Awards, and click links to find out more about them, below

2019 – 2020 Jockey of the Month Award Winners

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