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H.E.A.D S.T.A.R.T to recovery – essential information about concussion symptoms, dos and don’ts from the BHA

The PPORA has joined forces with the PPA to distribute  the H.E.A.D S.T.AR.T to recovery leaflet produced by the BHA

This leaflet provides useful information including an explanation of  the symptoms of concussion, dos and don’ts guidance if you or someone you know is affected, and contact details for the BHA Medical Department

You’ll find a full-size copy below that you can view, download and print

We hope this will be useful information at home on yards and at the races so please print a copy, and if you’re a jockey why not add it to your kit bag – you never know when it might be useful.  We’ve also added a copy in our Useful Links section for future reference

The PPA will also distribute printed copies throughout  the season, you can also obtain one direct from them by calling 01793 781990






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